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Welcome to Humble Hummus

Are you looking eat healthy but want your food to taste great as well? Humble Hummus is a great option! Packed full of plant-based protein, healthy fats, fibre and many more key nutrients your body will thank you! 

Don’t worry, you’ll never run out! Humble Hummus is available year round!

Use your favourite flavours to enhance an already delicious meal or eat it with veggies or crackers as a quick and nutritious snack. Whether you’re a newbie or avid fan make sure you check out our blog page for some delicious ideas!

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About Humble Hummus

Hi! I'm Amber

I’m the owner and chef at Humble Hummus. I’m a born and raised small town Albertan and have been living in Central Alberta for 19 years. I’m a wife and dog mom to two crazy little French Bulldogs, Winston, and George.

I love to travel, go camping and I absolutely LOVE food- learning, and experiencing new food and cultures is a passion. Whether its when we are travelling, trying a new restaurant or if I am at home tackling the new food item on my list of must try’s its my favorite thing to do!!  And that’s why owning and creating this special small batch hummus is a match made in culinary heaven for me.

Like me, Humble Hummus was born in Alberta. And has been a part of the small business and market community for over 10 years now.

What sets our product apart starts at the very base of all our recipes. Our chickpeas are all non-GMO and sourced locally from Canadian farmers.  We rehydrate and cook/de-foam our beans for every single batch. It’s a lot of work, but we believe that the effort is worth it and our customers appreciate it. Our Hummus is produced in small batches, each one creates about 14 containers. We use as many fresh local ingredients as we are able.

Humble Hummus has so many well-loved flavours, and we’re always looking to create some delicious new additions. Give us a try! We promise you’ll taste the difference.

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