About Us

Hi! I’m Tawnee, the new owner & chef at Humble Hummus. I’m a wife, a mom of 2 busy boys and an avid Humble Hummus Fan!!

The story of Humble Hummus began 11 years ago with a guy named Jay. He had a want to be at the farmers market, so he created these delicious products we all know and love today. It’s because of this guy and his vision that Humble Hummus is what it is today. And for that, We are grateful.

What sets our product apart starts at the very base of all our recipes. Our chickpeas are organic and imported from Turkey. We rehydrate and cook/de-foam our beans for every single batch. It’s a lot of work, but we believe that the effort is worth it and our customers appreciate it. Our Hummus is produced in small batches, each one creates about 14 containers. We use as many fresh local ingredients as we are able.

Humble Hummus has so many well-loved flavours, and we’re always looking to create some delicious new additions. Give us a try! We promise you’ll taste the difference.

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