A New Year a New Hummus

Headed into our 9th season, Humble Hummus is creating some of the most delicious recipes we’ve ever had. Yes the benefit of hummus is its versatility and we remain as versatile as ever with one of the world’s healthiest foods. But it can be a challenge to find new delicious unique flavors.  So what will it be for this season at the farmers market and our participating hummus store locations? Will it be more desert type recipes? How about savory?  The list can go on; after all, we’ve created 39 flavors to date with 20 or so in regular rotation. Well, we’ve got an idea, how about a boost? Seriously! A high energy power hummus. More energy and deliciousness than ever, all packed into one container of hummus.  AND. It’ll be ready for week one of the hummus season May long weekend in Red Deer. A perfect mixture of health, sweet and savory.  The High Energy Power Hummus (it’s a working title). Cashews, hemp hearts, peanut butter, gogi berries and more! It’s quite delicious if we do say so ourselves. See you in about 13 weeks. -Jason

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